NEW SECRET Chests *FOUND* in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

  • Ajoutée 20 janv. 2018
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - NEW Secret Chest locations FOUND! :D
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Commentaires • 30 038

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 4 ans +3

    WELCOME BACK TO MORE FORTNITE - Make sure you stick around for BOTH games, I think the 2nd Chest spot is the BEST! 👍🏻

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa Il y a 2 ans +1

    POV: you looked at ali a’s most popular videos and clicked on his most popular fortnite video and went to the comments

  • Clarity
    Clarity Il y a an +83

    3 years later and remember watching all of these to find the chest and just had fun

  • Blitz
    Blitz  +32

    These fortnite sounds bring back the best memories . Fortnite will never be the same!!!! Miss the OG gun sounds and popping shield sounds ……. 😖😢

  • Mario Padovano
    Mario Padovano Il y a 2 ans +46

    Ali: gets a green AR

  • GGurDED
    GGurDED Il y a 4 ans +3

    Nice as always! Dude, yesterday I got in one of the smallest rings ever and got second because the guy I was facing was hiding in a bush. I was so mad! I don't know how you get #1 everytime, but from watching your videos I am learning!

  • A dog Bbc
    A dog Bbc Il y a an +12

    Watching Ali a play 2 games in one vid 3 years ago is so nostalgic

  • Thunking
    Thunking Il y a 4 ans +281

    Ali : Cmon scar you can do better than that

  • Keane
    Keane Il y a 4 ans +2

    Hey Ali, This really helped as I landed in Junk Junction and managed to find alot of chests, and I actually got my first Battle Royale victory. Thank you very much. :)

  • Ninja Hyper
    Ninja Hyper Il y a 4 ans

    We love you Ali keep up the good work👍

  • Sauce Jim
    Sauce Jim Il y a 2 ans +1

    Am I the only one who genuinely enjoyed these back in the day

  • Mats Nypan
    Mats Nypan Il y a 4 ans

    Love your videos man, keep it up!<3

  • Jami Cassidy
    Jami Cassidy Il y a 2 ans +3

    I think my best snipe was 294 meters. It was in Team Rumble though. I also think 300 meters is the max render distance as the person was phasing in and out of view.

  • Vetle Dalseng
    Vetle Dalseng Il y a 4 ans +5

    You need to use any sniper as often as possible. Do the Sniper only Challenge! Once you get a sniper you drop any other rifle, shotgun, everything! BUT Shields and Medkits are some exceptions! You can do the same with Shotgun, SMG, Silenced weapons as well. I wish you good luck! You will need it!

  • Physiix
    Physiix Il y a 4 ans

    You had a great win, congrats!

  • teh_wad
    teh_wad Il y a 4 ans

    You missed several chest locations in Haunted Hills. There are up to three in and under the largest building, another in the fenced off statue area, another two in the building on the south side of the fenced off area, and another two in the building without a door just South West of the fenced off area. With the two houses just South of Haunted, it's very easy for an entire squad to gear up.

  • aroselmao
    aroselmao Il y a 2 ans +18


  • Omar Shaath
    Omar Shaath Il y a 4 ans

    Don't expect Ali to see this, but you could always edit the pyramids to make them ramps if you ever accidentally place them.

  • verponite16
    verponite16 Il y a an +4

    that nostalgia hits so hard man

  • Alvin Hallberg
    Alvin Hallberg Il y a 4 ans +28

    Ali: if I am ever going to be better at sniping I should keep a sniper on me all time