THIS is the END of Fortnite...

  • Ajoutée 18 août 2022
  • Fortnite Story Explained - We're in BIG danger!
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Commentaires • 1 031

  • Top5Gaming
    Top5Gaming  +124

    yesss Ali making a storyline vid! Lets go!

  • BeanBoy3000

    The imagined kinda disappeared but also kinda didn’t if that makes sense. If you pay very close attention to the zero point in the collision event when we’re underground, you can see the imagined and what seems to be Gunnar fighting and both falling into the zero point. I’m not sure about the other members of the seven though

  • Tautvydas Juška

    I agree with all the theories although I think the three relics relate to the three members missing: Visitor, Imagined and Order. I dont know why Foundation was mentioned since he and Jones were tracking down Geno during the end of the event. Also I think when they appered in the trailer it was an accident

  • CollapZZed Gamer

    I’m surprised people aren’t too worried about the mushrooms too much, because mushrooms spread spores and so if they end up doing that the plant life could spread much further without the roots. Possible event???

  • CodeGreen
    CodeGreen  +10

    Hyped for how the bloom watcher will affect the storyline 🌸

  • Canshook

    Ali’a vids make our day better.

  • Akira
    Akira  +6

    The quests are fine, but it is kinda hard to finish when I am getting shot in the back.

  • Ashton Appollis Damon

    love your fortnite content keep up the work

  • Bethany M

    Great video like always.your an amazing youtuber and have a great day!

  • Delta The Grinder

    Keep up the amazing work bro!

  • Goofy_Goober292

    Thank for all the updates and clues to the storyline Alia 😀

  • Callum

    So cool, these new updates and lore are amazing

  • Papa radze

    Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that we get different bonus styles but they are all some sort of ore and ores come from the earth so does that have something to do with the bloom watcher?

  • Malachi davis

    Ali makes fortnite sooo much more exciting... And I love it😁✌

  • riley fazz

    Keep up the work ur doing fantastic

  • Joshua Pilfold

    💙great video's ali keep it up💙

  • Brayden
    Brayden  +4

    Bro I love your content ❤️


    Well done for #39 on trending for gaming!

  • Archie Roche

    Love your content ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • NiiiiiintendoGuy51🇺🇦

    I’m kinda excited for the next Vibin challenges I wonder what the challenges are gonna be about where the seven have gone