The BEST way to WIN a game of FORTNITE: Battle Royale!

  • Ajoutée 20 oct. 2017
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale - I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS WORKED! :D
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Commentaires • 8 544

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 5 ans +1985

    MORE Fortnite for you all this weekend! :D
    How many "LIKES" can we hit on this video?? ENJOY!

  • _ Cam
    _ Cam Il y a an +7

    Who remembers the feeling when you got a purple scoped AR

  • Matt
    Matt Il y a 3 ans +37

    Leaves blue tac for green tac and blue ar for green at
    “ that’s what season 1’s all about”

    • chloe. xxx10
      chloe. xxx10 Il y a an

      @Conor Davis Lol same😂

    • Conor Davis
      Conor Davis Il y a 2 ans +4

      I thought i was only one who noticed😂

    • Amaar playZ
      Amaar playZ Il y a 2 ans +2

      Well that sounds like Ali

  • TheGuyWhoLikesMario
    TheGuyWhoLikesMario Il y a 3 ans +45

    6:05 aLi-A predicted the future of fortnite

  • M_ Z_ P 101
    M_ Z_ P 101 Il y a 4 ans

    You are literally like the best Fortnite player I have ever watched you teach me how to play Fortnite like an absolute blast keep it up Ali a you are the best

  • SurfingBryanRay
    SurfingBryanRay Il y a 5 ans +27

    Now that the game has a player base, i think what it needs right now is a good reason to play apart of having fun of course. Levelling up, customization... something that makes the time you play worth it

    • Chance Clayville
      Chance Clayville Il y a 3 mois

      @Luke You wouldn’t have ever guessed what haplened

    • SurfingBryanRay
      SurfingBryanRay Il y a 5 ans

      JuniorVell i feel like most people do have ps plus anyway, dont they? But it certainly helps them having more people playing

    • JuniorVell
      JuniorVell Il y a 5 ans

      If it's a game you want to play then yes if not then not really. But it would be funny if people without ps plus was cut off from playing without plus. It's in early access mode now but who's to say on the official launch that gets taken away.

    • SurfingBryanRay
      SurfingBryanRay Il y a 5 ans

      JuniorVell the thing is that all of the game will be free to play next year, so is it really worth it?

    • JuniorVell
      JuniorVell Il y a 5 ans

      Well if everyone wasn't so cheap and bought the co-op part as well then you'd get all of that. The co-op leveling is ridiculous and 95% of the weapons on there aren't even in multiplayer.

  • Prizamツ
    Prizamツ Il y a 2 ans

    Wow it’s been two years. Man this game gives a lot of memories. I know every game has its death but man thank you epic games for the great memories you gave back in the day!

  • ChumboFumbo
    ChumboFumbo Il y a 4 ans

    I think when I comes to maps, they need to have console exclusive maps. I would love a Little Big Planet themed map for ps4. I would also love somewhat of a Banjo Kazooie map on Xbox. If they ever port it to switch, I would love a Zelda or earthbound map!

  • Tisha
    Tisha Il y a 2 ans +1

    2:11 lol the way he struggled on top the building 😂

  • Kol Dex
    Kol Dex Il y a 2 ans +8

    Who else was mad when he said,”I think I might rock 2 snipers,shotguns arent as useful in the endgame

    • Owen.
      Owen. Il y a an

      I was playing back then I have aerial and shotguns weren't used much back then compared to now

    • lunacraftx
      lunacraftx Il y a 2 ans +1


  • PetPokeMon Gaming
    PetPokeMon Gaming Il y a 3 ans +61

    6:00 Alina say‘s Imagine a Snow or desert map Season 5 Season 7 👌👌👌

  • Lemari Golding
    Lemari Golding Il y a 2 ans +2

    I think that sound was the destruction of the tyres that were squashed when you placed the ramp

  • mahdi haibeh
    mahdi haibeh Il y a an +3

    who else feels nostalgic watching these

  • M K
    M K Il y a 4 ans

    hey you probably figured it out by now but that weird strangle sound you mentioned is actually the destruction sound of tires. It happened when you built stairs on top of the tires, which destroyed them.

  • Thee Ultimate Warrior
    Thee Ultimate Warrior Il y a 5 ans +9

    Quick tip, if ur that high and u wanna go down faster, put the bouncer on a flat surface and bounces off of it and u will take no fall damage period

    • Scorpion
      Scorpion Il y a 4 ans

      Tahj Vixamar i dont understand

    • Jack Stallion
      Jack Stallion Il y a 4 ans

      That's a myth go try it I dare ya

  • Cathal Henigan
    Cathal Henigan Il y a 4 ans

    I can’t believe he didn’t see the bolt action sniper but luckily he saw it after

  • Preston
    Preston Il y a 3 ans

    When I first started playing Fortnite in season 3 this was the first Fortnite video I had ever watched so I was coming back to watch it to bring back the old times

  • Naomi🥂
    Naomi🥂 Il y a 3 ans +4

    They actually added the snow and the desert to the map

  • Clippers Fan 2
    Clippers Fan 2 Il y a 4 ans +1

    GREAT job Ali! You can't do that any more! I just like scrollinhlg thru and watching your vids!

  • s1
    s1 Il y a 4 ans

    The ‘death noise’ was the tyres deflating because you had built on top of them

  • Makenna Whaley
    Makenna Whaley Il y a 4 ans +1

    4:23 that happens when you break a tire when you build

  • isabella berret
    isabella berret Il y a 3 ans

    challenge_ only use one gun for a round (aloud to switch to a different weapon)

  • kunaiapex_
    kunaiapex_ Il y a 4 ans +5

    My game I was playing I had no guns and only grenades and I blew the person up and I got #11

  • Puggz
    Puggz Il y a 5 ans +14

    THAT WAS AN EPIC WIN ALI!!!!!! Poor guy was probably shatting his pants wondering how he got sniped from where he was lol hahahah!!!

  • Tom Duncan
    Tom Duncan Il y a 3 ans

    These seasons are so much more easier than season 8 I wish I knew this game existed sooner because I only knew it existed during season 3-4 when my friends told me

  • Donna Burton
    Donna Burton Il y a 3 ans

    I love how Ali A said Maybe they will make A Icey Map Or A Desert map and now there is them on the side of the map

  • Certified Memelord
    Certified Memelord Il y a 4 ans +1

    Lol it’s kind of funny watching the old ali when he didn’t really know the difference of the rarities as good

  • EMerolled
    EMerolled Il y a an +1

    First video of fortnite I ever watched. Brings back memories 😔

  • Sloan Lazorik
    Sloan Lazorik Il y a 5 ans +731

    Gun/Color levels: Gray=Common Green=Uncommon Blue=Rare Purple=Epic Orange/Yellow=Legendary PLZ LIKE SO ALI WILL SEE

  • Setyrs
    Setyrs Il y a 3 ans +1

    It’s crazy that Ali’s actually say there will be a snow side and a desert side and got it correct

  • Jack Slingerland
    Jack Slingerland Il y a 3 ans +1

    7:45 Ali did not take blue AR but took Green AR

  • Silentkm 24
    Silentkm 24 Il y a 3 ans +3

    7:45 when he walks past blue tac

  • Chrissie Gallegos
    Chrissie Gallegos Il y a 3 ans +6

    Who’s here when a 360 flintknock swing your pickaxe a few times and a no scope with a deafalt dance is the best way to win a game.

  • Stfnatus
    Stfnatus Il y a 4 ans +38

    Challenge:try to be the last 1 alive just using a pistol

  • Vincent Buhagiar
    Vincent Buhagiar Il y a 4 ans

    that is a great idea that they should put in some more maps

  • Amanda Marcucci
    Amanda Marcucci Il y a 4 ans

    Nice shot ali, a you won very nice:-)

  • boudreaux00
    boudreaux00 Il y a 3 ans +2

    Ali you predicted the snow and desert map😂😂😂

  • Crystal Rylicki
    Crystal Rylicki Il y a 3 ans +1

    Challenge: pickaxe only challenge

  • glenn redegeld
    glenn redegeld Il y a 4 ans +159

    Anyone notice how he just ditched the blue AR at 7:30

  • Tisha
    Tisha Il y a 2 ans

    7:51 when he killed that dude he probably didn't saw what shotgun he had he had a green tact and he didn't pick up the blue one

  • Sam
    Sam Il y a 4 ans

    I always land there and the same thing always happened to me 😂

  • Skxllz
    Skxllz Il y a 4 ans

    Me: did he really leave that blue assault rifle and not switch it for his green one.
    Ali-A: *leaves the scene without it*

  • That guy called Granth
    That guy called Granth Il y a 4 ans

    I loved the last shot and also love all your other videos too

  • Crazy Creations
    Crazy Creations Il y a 5 ans +134

    Ali if you go to setting you can change the scope sensitivity for the sniper
    Like so Ali Can See

    • Tastle 66
      Tastle 66 Il y a 5 ans

      Pvyz YT cheers I got it now👍🏻

    • Tastle 66
      Tastle 66 Il y a 5 ans

      My scope sensitivity is very slow where in settings can I change it to be quicker?

    • Djurre Dijken
      Djurre Dijken Il y a 5 ans

      Wba I am using 1.00 it was the old sensitivity before the update

    • Someone
      Someone Il y a 5 ans

      Crazy Creations what's a good scope sensitivity

  • JUSTIN ツ
    JUSTIN ツ Il y a 4 ans +2

    Left a blue ar instead of the GREY BURST

  • Shwill
    Shwill Il y a 4 ans +35

    ahhhhh, somehow this is nicely nostalgic

    • Duck
      Duck Il y a an +1


  • Joshua Castillo
    Joshua Castillo Il y a 4 ans

    You should do the sniper only challenge

  • chrisxcruz
    chrisxcruz Il y a 3 ans +12

    Damn fortnite was easier back then but I started playing in season 1 man I miss the good old og days😩

    • Sarah Dab
      Sarah Dab Il y a 3 ans

      chrisxcruz me too man😫😞😭😖

  • G
    G Il y a 5 ans +107

    They should add small, medium and large backpacks so small let’s you have 6 spots, medium gives you 8, and large gives ten, anyone agree?

    • talu
      talu Il y a 4 ans


    • Karo16
      Karo16 Il y a 5 ans


    • Telluric FPS
      Telluric FPS Il y a 5 ans +1

      Nah I think it's p balanced as is. Think of someone carrying around 4 shield potions, 6 med kits, 15 bandages, and still having still having five weapons to choose from. Sounds fkn whack to me

    • ☪️❤
      ☪️❤ Il y a 5 ans

      No, everyone would go for the large.. Unless you mean we have to find it.. Also its not like the game isnt already an ugly twin of pubg so adding backpacks wouldn't kick up a fuss. #CantWaitForPubgPS4

    • PDG gastje
      PDG gastje Il y a 5 ans

      Nathan Smith no

  • Cohen
    Cohen Il y a 3 ans +3

    4:28 the tire mate nobody’s been strangled

    CARFRAE Il y a 4 ans

    Good job Ali-a👍👍

  • y S
    y S Il y a 4 ans

    Nice victory royale🤘❤️

  • Vijaya Hiremath
    Vijaya Hiremath Il y a 3 ans

    7:30, you left a blue tactical shotgun and a blue AR.

  • hhrvy
    hhrvy Il y a 5 ans +36

    The thing that really got to me is that you didn't replace your guns with better versions

    • Traviesø
      Traviesø Il y a 5 ans


    • Toby Simpson
      Toby Simpson Il y a 5 ans

      Cody Roqy why would you need to kneel bro?

    • Scerbo Gaming
      Scerbo Gaming Il y a 5 ans

      I know

    • Cody Roqy
      Cody Roqy Il y a 5 ans

      And he takes 20 minutes to drink shield potions... right after saying how luck he’s getting with them. He also doesn’t kneel while shooting

    • chaun poole
      chaun poole Il y a 5 ans

      That's like saying a spy is only as good as his gadgets

  • Tisha
    Tisha Il y a 2 ans

    He opened the supply drop and ask for a gold gun he looked at the shields and said no gold gun but when he turned around he saw a gold bolt and he was so frickeing 😊

  • ThatMfLuci
    ThatMfLuci Il y a 4 ans

    Common challenge (only common things)(shields allowed)

  • Vozing YT
    Vozing YT Il y a 3 ans +1

    2019 Ali predicts the future 6:06

  • Simon Kremnitzer
    Simon Kremnitzer Il y a 3 ans +1

    it was not a death sound it was the breaking of the tyres when you built a ramp

  • Claudia Meehan
    Claudia Meehan Il y a 4 ans


  • Kaden Carlson
    Kaden Carlson Il y a 4 ans

    I think they should add other maps too

  • Masterbot
    Masterbot Il y a an

    Ali-A: There should be a new map
    *9 seasons later*
    Everyone: bring back the old mappppp!

  • Ian Sellers
    Ian Sellers Il y a 2 ans +1

    Who else almost cried when he didn’t take the blue AR

  • ItzOllie
    ItzOllie Il y a 4 ans +6

    I can’t believe he ditched a blue at and left a blue tack 😂😂😂

  • Elijah Hayes
    Elijah Hayes Il y a 2 ans

    Watching in 2019 and 9:36 just reminded me of the old meta

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez Il y a 4 ans

    legend has it somebody down here knows when the video gets to the point

  • Bradley Green
    Bradley Green Il y a 4 ans

    Challenge- NO GUNS your only allowed your pick, shields, grenades, medkits, and every thing else of that sort. As long as it doesn't shoot you can use it btw you can use traps too hope you enjoy

    • Skxllz
      Skxllz Il y a 4 ans +1

      Brad_the_Beast 21 he's already done that challenge 😂

  • OllyMac
    OllyMac Il y a 3 ans

    That sniper shot you did was so cool

  • Pest Egg
    Pest Egg Il y a 2 ans

    4:23 it wasn't a death sound it was the tyre popping

  • Brayden the Half-Elf Bard

    I got my first win doing this

  • dhf336
    dhf336 Il y a 4 ans

    I quit this game because I keep dying . But you are so good !

  • Morris
    Morris Il y a 4 ans

    I think they shouldn't add new maps because PUBG did and it split apart the community

  • Luke Lewis
    Luke Lewis Il y a 5 ans +9

    I have a tip; don’t run around with your pickaxe

    • Tim
      Tim Il y a 4 ans

      The he does is so he can pick up resources and bullets faster

  • Amrdolly
    Amrdolly Il y a 4 ans

    thanks I went from 0 wins to 95 just for clicking on this video

  • Daily bumps all the way
    Daily bumps all the way Il y a 6 mois +1

    He predicted the map change he predicted arctic and desert

  • CowMeowPlays
    CowMeowPlays Il y a 4 ans

    You should have picked up the blue AR

  • Nicole Laughter
    Nicole Laughter Il y a 4 ans

    You dropped your blue ar and picked up the bolt but you had a green ar which you could of traded it for the blue ar but you didn’t

  • Prod. Aykay
    Prod. Aykay Il y a 5 ans +376

    Loving the Fortnite Ali! You’re killen’ it

    • Textrixa
      Textrixa Il y a 4 ans


    • Theo Carter
      Theo Carter Il y a 4 ans

      Same so sic keep it up

    • CT
      CT Il y a 5 ans +5

      Trap Beast wtf is killen' ahahah 😂

  • -Speedy Rx7-
    -Speedy Rx7- Il y a 3 ans +45

    Who liked the Og defaults were back in season 1

  • Blake Blakers_08
    Blake Blakers_08 Il y a 4 ans

    Use the sniper to see if people are near

  • Sam Ward
    Sam Ward Il y a 4 ans

    Wow Ali you are skilled with a sniper

  • Ty Williams
    Ty Williams Il y a 4 ans

    Do the explosive weapons only challenge

  • Isabelle Winters
    Isabelle Winters Il y a 4 ans +159

    At 7:40 he swapped a blue assault rifle for a blue sniper when he had a green assault rifle that he could of swapped silly silly mistake

      OCTPUSIK Il y a 4 ans +1

      Isabelle Winters he also ignore a blue shotgun when he had a green one

    • Insanity
      Insanity Il y a 4 ans

      Isabelle Winters I got so anxious when I saw that xD

    • Revolved Ronin
      Revolved Ronin Il y a 4 ans

      Isabelle Winters if u were listening he did even admit that sometimes he makes bad decisions with picking up loot lol 😂😂

    • Luprii
      Luprii Il y a 4 ans

      I almost cried 😂😂

  • XHollyX FaganX
    XHollyX FaganX Il y a 4 ans

    I love you Ali a but when you didn’t drink your Shield potion that triggered me so much and when you didn’t have your gun out when you were running out in the open 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • YT_CoolKid
    YT_CoolKid Il y a 4 ans

    7:36 you forgot to pick up the blue tac instead of the green tac XDD

  • Trazz_TortillaMan 1242
    Trazz_TortillaMan 1242 Il y a 4 ans


  • Austin Plisinski
    Austin Plisinski Il y a 4 ans

    Desert map would be awesome

  • Ryan Neumann
    Ryan Neumann Il y a 4 ans +26

    *tires deflate* "did someone strangle an animal in here?!"

  • Saiko
    Saiko Il y a 3 ans

    6:05 he literally perfectly predicted season 6 and 7

    • Oof
      Oof Il y a 2 ans

      *inhale* season 5*

  • Not in use
    Not in use Il y a 4 ans +1

    Never build stairs because people can know them down and u get hurt

  • Polly Ward
    Polly Ward Il y a 4 ans

    Choses two snipers instead of a shotgun

  • Alex klim
    Alex klim Il y a 5 ans +52

    Did anyone see how he missed that blue Assault Rifle?

    • Hshs Shahis
      Hshs Shahis Il y a 4 ans

      Hollow clorox me 2

    • Jawz
      Jawz Il y a 4 ans

      SomeonePlayzYT blue= rare and green= uncommon blue is better

    • Croissant
      Croissant Il y a 4 ans

      David Klim he already have a better one

    • Pilar Correa
      Pilar Correa Il y a 4 ans

      And the blue tactical shotgun

    • Hanzo Shimada
      Hanzo Shimada Il y a 4 ans

      David Klim ye and shotgun

  • Romangriphim
    Romangriphim Il y a 3 ans

    At 4:13 to 4:37 he thought the tire was a struggling sound.😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Pro Hazza
    Pro Hazza Il y a 4 ans

    7:55 why didn’t you get the blue AR and the blue tactical shotgun

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones Il y a 4 ans

    Love your videos wish i could play with you

  • Matt Parrish
    Matt Parrish Il y a 4 ans

    7:38 why would you drop the blue AR and keep the green AR

  • ReflexYT
    ReflexYT Il y a 4 ans

    cuz, i love your videos keep making them

  • Cain
    Cain Il y a 4 ans +1

    The noise at the beggining of the video was tired popping because you put the ramp over the tires.🤗😀

  • westenc_
    westenc_ Il y a 4 ans

    Hi guys, love ur channel ali-a!!

  • Jennifer Marsh
    Jennifer Marsh Il y a 4 ans

    the sniping action wow#savage

    JAKRS Il y a 5 ans +454

    Hey Ali, you should use a loadout of 1 Sniper, 1 AR, 1 Shotgun, Medkit or Bandages if unavailable and Explosives (Nades or RPG, Nade Launcher) Pop shields whenever Ur getting better bro keep it up! :)

    • LinkedHaru
      LinkedHaru Il y a 4 ans

      Scammer gets scammed

    • Mitchh
      Mitchh Il y a 4 ans

      JAKRS I made a fortnite montage with Ali-a’s intro music😂😂🔥🔥🔥check it out

    • Jacob Vasquez
      Jacob Vasquez Il y a 4 ans

      JAKRS and very disappointing

    • Jacob Vasquez
      Jacob Vasquez Il y a 4 ans

      Bro that's just an embarrassing way to lose

    • Blubber
      Blubber Il y a 4 ans

      vt Well for Ali A anyway