• Ajoutée 12 avril 2019
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - Gifting girlfriend Fortnite skins
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Commentaires • 7 828

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 3 ans +4

    Which skin does Clare like the most? Let’s find out! 😄🙌🏻

  • David Isaacson
    David Isaacson Il y a 2 ans +27

    It was really nice when clare said she felt bad that she had loads of skins but some other people might want some too ❤️❤️

  • 2FA
    2FA Il y a 3 ans

    You’re a very nice person Ali you put a lot of thought into these gift messages I hope you the best Ali

  • Meeba
    Meeba Il y a 3 ans

    Ali you keep it up my guy! Doesn’t look like Claire was too excited about the skins but I think it’s so nice of you to gift these skins to her. I use your code and will always be subscribed!

  • Archie Playz Fortnite And Roblox CR10 CLAN

    That's nice of you giving your girlfriend fortnite skins I started playing it and it's super fun now I play all the time thanks for inspiring me to play it it made my life better thanks so much

  • 300 Signatures
    300 Signatures Il y a 3 ans

    That’s so nice what you did Ali A you’re so thoughtful! ♥️

  • Fares Osman

    Man I remember 3 years ago I used his code and got mentioned and I got so happy and bragged to all my friends. I can’t imagine how simple life was back then. Now I’m 14 and life is so much different now. That’s actually crazy

  • vJxremy
    vJxremy Il y a 3 ans +341

    Ali if you get your first win in

  • Nick Bruh
    Nick Bruh Il y a 3 ans

    Ali is actually such an amazing guy so humble

  • Ty Keefauver
    Ty Keefauver Il y a 3 ans

    We need more great people like you u make my day

  • GlowingCookieSlime
    GlowingCookieSlime Il y a an +3

    They don't realize how rare these skins are gonna get

  • Graydon B73
    Graydon B73 Il y a 3 ans

    Love your videos hope you reach 20 million soon! Your a great guy!

  • Bradley Wilkinson
    Bradley Wilkinson Il y a an +1

    Love how Claire gets exited everytime one comes up

  • oxy
    oxy Il y a 3 ans +22

    Everytime i watch ali videos i feel like im at the bar😂

  • Шон Мартин
    Шон Мартин Il y a 3 ans

    For everyone talking about the victory umbrella: that is from a season 1 win. If it was a win from any other season she would also have the special umbrella for that season. Ex. If she got a win in season 6 she would have the original umbrella and the webrella

  • thedescendingcloud
    thedescendingcloud Il y a 3 ans

    My friends hate you but you inspire me to be happy and every time you post I’m exhilarated to watch it. So you are my favourite FRclipr 🥇

  • GoodGame Gamer77
    GoodGame Gamer77 Il y a 2 ans +3

    I think its funny how ali needs a sponsor to give gifts to clare

  • Tiffeny Landry
    Tiffeny Landry Il y a 3 ans +1

    Keep making them bangers

  • Lucy Bishop kassis
    Lucy Bishop kassis Il y a 2 ans

    I love your vids you are the best!!

  • CUR3 Ginger
    CUR3 Ginger Il y a 3 ans +662

    People saying "like if you remember 10 damage pick axe" then I'm like...