It's BACK after 1,200 DAYS!

  • Ajoutée 20 sept. 2022
  • Fortnite Season 4 Secrets and Leaks!
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Commentaires • 714

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a jour +308

    LOTS of cool secrets hidden in this new Season!

  • Khaled Nakhly
    Khaled Nakhly Il y a jour +5

    Love the insane content keep up the great work

  • Temporal Graffiti
    Temporal Graffiti Il y a jour +6

    Great video, you make really entertaining videos, I'm excited for the cobra dmr, and I have a theory that, maybe, at the end of the season, like in the live event, the scientist, origin and visitor will fight back from within the chrome.

  • Death Bot Brothers
    Death Bot Brothers Il y a jour +1

    Alia your the best when I’m sad I watch you it cheers me up and you make me play fortnite.

  • Lucretia Owusu-Poku
    Lucretia Owusu-Poku Il y a jour

    I don’t play Fortnite but I take these vids as Fortnite podcasts for me ❤ your vids

  • Sora Ethan Skywalker
    Sora Ethan Skywalker Il y a jour

    I am so excited for that Luke Skywalker skin I really hope you get it soon though but I believe they're going to give him two edit styles though a New Hope and return of the Jedi even though I kind of wish you could done empire strikes back I really do hope to do another collab with Resident Evil since we're getting a new Resident Evil 4 remake next year and the skins has to be Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong

  • BeardedLevi1721
    BeardedLevi1721 Il y a jour

    I wanna know when we are getting the Cube King style for The Origin, it was suppose to happen 2 seasons ago

  • RyanTheLion
    RyanTheLion Il y a jour

    Hi Alia love ur content keep up the work!!😊

  • David Adkins
    David Adkins Il y a 19 heures

    its technically fall, so the reality tree has just lost its leaves, i think that they will be back soon maybe after winter

  • Radiated Retr0
    Radiated Retr0 Il y a jour

    The Goo Gun reminds of the guns you get from It Takes Two

  • H.m
    H.m Il y a 21 heure

    Has anyone ever thought about how the cube queen in the Herald might be related because if you look at the queen she has chrome armour

  • SySurfer
    SySurfer Il y a 16 heures

    If you look closely when the new dmr kills someone there is a new gun also.

  • Rocket  Reaper
    Rocket Reaper Il y a jour

    Love your vids bro 😎

  • Fox X Gamer Plays
    Fox X Gamer Plays Il y a jour +30

    Gemini coming legit? Not gonna lie, when I heard she was coming before a long time ago, I actually loved her skin design and was willing to buy her. But they didn’t send her out… so ya, but Meow Skulls is my main now, I love her gothic theme a lot,

  • Brian Daly
    Brian Daly Il y a jour

    Love ur vids Ali keep it up!

  • Janet Davies
    Janet Davies Il y a jour

    I'm so glad you make these videos cuz I haven't been at home so I can't play

  • adidasKinglennon
    adidasKinglennon Il y a 21 heure

    It would be cool if the floating island place in the desert got some sort of chrome shield bubble

  • Goodbear
    Goodbear Il y a jour +1

    Love your videos

  • EZ_AyanFN
    EZ_AyanFN Il y a jour

    Yoo amazing content, wish I can play with u, your the best ❤

  • Noah Kelly
    Noah Kelly Il y a jour

    I've been a subscriber for so long and still love your vids