Call of Duty: Ghosts GAMEPLAY! - 15+ Minutes Footage! - COD Ghost Official E3 2013 HD

  • Ajoutée 8 juin 2013
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts GAMEPLAY! Hit "LIKE" and enjoy! :D
    ► COD: Ghosts NEW ALIEN GAMEPLAY (link below)
    The very first Call of Duty: GHOSTS gameplay footage - Showing off over 15 minutes of campaign (single player) gameplay. The first gameplay level is "No Mans Land" showing off your companion dog "Riley". The second mission is underwater and is called "Into The Deep". The final gameplay piece is a cinematic which will be shown at the Infinity Ward E3 2013 booth
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Commentaires • 39 185

  • Steven
    Steven Il y a 2 ans +58

    I'ma be completely honest, the campaign was so underrated and the game really deserves a sequel just for that alone...

  • Boop
    Boop Il y a 8 ans +4

    I really like the idea of the 3 or 4 nations against each other on big maps, like BF sized maps but still 4-8 players on each of the 4 teams, that would be pretty fun.
    I think tactical team play is difficult unless most of the team have mics, but promoting objective play really needs to be improved

  • Madara
    Madara Il y a 7 ans +285

    Am I the only one that actually love this game?

  • Mickey Arciniega
    Mickey Arciniega Il y a 7 ans +20

    I actually like this game. Dont know why so many people hate it.

  • Thepieking07
    Thepieking07 Il y a 8 ans

    I completely agree with you man. They change things that need to be changed or seem like a cool idea. If they were to just give the fans everything they wanted in one game, they would be bored of it cause there wouldn't be any surprises. Also they wouldn't have enough to make a new game where as if they keep doing small necessary changes, they can.

  • Splash
    Splash Il y a 6 ans +23

    When I got the game I was confused why people hated so much when the game was not bad at all .

  • Musicatation
    Musicatation  Il y a 7 ans +8

    That game is the one of best games i've ever played.GREAT SCENARİO.GREAT JOB !

    HYP3DSNIP3R Il y a 8 ans

    I know how you feel. The story I think is underrated due to it being overshadowed by multiplayer. I personally like the story and play both. I thought Black Ops and BO2 had a great storyline.

  • techsupport87
    techsupport87 Il y a 8 ans

    i think the main thing with this game is they r making it believable again, they cut the bs i think, makes u feel like ur there, as apposed to feeling like ur on a rollercoaster not controlling whats going on like every cod game since mw2

  • Harán Mercês
    Harán Mercês Il y a 8 ans

    Gostei demais de jogo, eu preciso jogar ele!

  • Robert Turley
    Robert Turley Il y a 8 ans

    One thing I look for in FPS gameplay trailers is the way the player moves the character. Usually it's a developer, so they know how to make a scene more suspenseful or exciting by knowing the make the character move or turn slowly when walking into a room, or to run in a certain direction to see an action unfold at just the right time. Not a complaint at all, just something that's interesting to notice.

  • Enzo Lovera
    Enzo Lovera Il y a 7 ans

    Absolutely loved this video, I especially liked how killed people with Riley the dog

  • Milton Ortiz
    Milton Ortiz Il y a 6 ans +69

    I still don't get why people hate ghost. You wanted boots on ground, there ya go. No futuristic shit, there ya go.

  • Turi Caederynmab
    Turi Caederynmab Il y a 8 ans

    I love the look of this game, Can't wait to get it!

  • Dakota Denna
    Dakota Denna Il y a 8 ans

    I'm so excited to play safe guard mode, and to find out what extinction mode is

  • HybridBlueDream
    HybridBlueDream Il y a 6 ans +2

    as an avid COD gamer since big red ;) I can appreciate innovation and change, the lighting and graphics were a giant leap forward (at least with my settings)

  • NiitroWolf
    NiitroWolf Il y a 9 ans

    I completely agree with you, But I'm still getting both since I like both games. Sometimes I feel like playing an arcade fast pace game (cod) and sometimes i feel like playing a realistic shooter (bf) so it's good to have both in my opinion.

  • Wyatt Dolney
    Wyatt Dolney Il y a 8 ans +1

    nice gameplay hope to see more

  • BridalDread115
    BridalDread115 Il y a 4 ans +25

    I loved cod ghost that was my first EVER cod 😭

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Il y a 9 ans +3

    Brutal gameplay mate, high quality and just really exiting! Can't wait to actually play the game myself!
    Basically, good job!