*NEW* LEGENDARY GUNS ONLY in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (SOLID GOLD)

  • Ajoutée 26 févr. 2018
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - NEW “SOLID GOLD” legendary only mode! :D
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Commentaires • 9 610

  • Jessii Cecii
    Jessii Cecii Il y a 4 ans +20

    Keep up the good work love the new game mode!

  • William De Luca
    William De Luca Il y a 4 ans +2

    Ali-A is very consistent with quality, entertaining videos. I’ve been with your channel since 2016, and “I’m loving it”. Keep up the positive videos👍🏽

  • alex fitzpatrick
    alex fitzpatrick Il y a 4 ans +1

    Normally you would think a gaming game was like boring watching someone else play it, but when Ali-A (I’ll give a A+) plays it I’m endlessly entertained 💛

  • Rocketboom 101
    Rocketboom 101 Il y a 4 ans +3

    I hope they bring this mode back. It’s one of my favorites.

  • Issam Hafeez
    Issam Hafeez Il y a 4 ans +3

    I love the fact that they are so polite to each other, keep up the good work lads

  • A dog Bbc
    A dog Bbc Il y a an +4

    Why is Ali a and Rich so calming to watch

  • FortKnight YT
    FortKnight YT Il y a 4 ans +7

    this was probably my favorite mode, hope this comes back like 50v50 did THREE TIME!

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan Il y a 4 ans

    Nice vid Ali. This game mode is awesome 👍👍👍

  • Elvio Gusmao
    Elvio Gusmao Il y a 4 ans +1

    I Love Your Videos Alia Keep Up With The Good Work Liked And Subscribed❤️🎥🎮💯

  • Game fails,secrets and more
    Game fails,secrets and more Il y a 4 ans +104

    They should bring Solid Gold back ✌

  • Caleb White
    Caleb White Il y a 4 ans +1

    I’ve been waiting for another game with rich... they’re my favorite!!!!

  • Poop Farty
    Poop Farty Il y a 4 ans

    Lol Rich always saves the day! 🤣

  • Tony Olsson
    Tony Olsson Il y a 4 ans +6

    Dude, your mate that u played with is so kind like u, I wish I had one of those kind guys on my side!

  • Jack murph
    Jack murph Il y a 4 ans

    This game mode is awesome and as always your great at it

  • Joshua Coughlin
    Joshua Coughlin Il y a 4 ans

    Love the videos with Rich, Ali!

  • The Xeno
    The Xeno Il y a 4 ans

    It’s so cool how Ali-A and his teammate just keep complicating each other instead of yelling at each other the WHOLE time

  • krash
    krash Il y a 4 ans

    Already had a victory Royale on this game-mode within the first hour this came out 🏆

  • Shane Bruckner
    Shane Bruckner Il y a 4 ans

    Enjoyed it hope you get better on the game

  • John Higgins
    John Higgins Il y a 4 ans +3

    The air drops are important because they give you explosives such as grenade launchers and rocket launchers

  • Austin
    Austin Il y a 4 ans

    Ali and Rich are always so lit😭