I found a HACKER with *UNRELEASED* Fortnite skins...

  • Ajoutée 9 août 2018
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale - A HACKER shows me unreleased skins! :O
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Commentaires • 23 946

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 4 ans +5

    To see all of this in person was CRAZY...!

  • ghostheart
    ghostheart Il y a 4 ans +180

    The hacker with the skins is at

  • Troy The Dinosaur
    Troy The Dinosaur Il y a 4 ans +1

    Love your videos Ali! Keep up the good work!

    MABOISINCANADA XD Il y a 4 ans +1

    Keep up the great work ali you are such a good player and one of my idols stay amazing and don’t forget keep getting the dubs my dude 👌🔥

  • erisu
    erisu Il y a 4 ans +1

    Who's here when these skins are released?

  • mateo v.1114
    mateo v.1114 Il y a 4 ans +2

    Another great Vid Ali,Keep up the great work😊

  • JojoSmacks
    JojoSmacks Il y a 3 ans +8

    Happy is so generous doing all of this

  • Gab Playz Made The Track (GPMTT)

    Unreleased stuff starts at

  • rosline law
    rosline law Il y a 4 ans

    Great video thanks for keeping us entertained

  • 313 Trooper
    313 Trooper Il y a 4 ans +2

    Love the way he calls him a hacker then adds him as a friend 😂😂😂

  • Tonic
    Tonic Il y a 2 ans +86


  • LuKron55
    LuKron55 Il y a 4 ans

    Love your content! Keep up the good work. Your my favourite youtuber

  • Îce
    Îce Il y a an +7

    I would have never knew how much memories I was making in these og tinea

  • Moawesome18
    Moawesome18 Il y a 4 ans +208

    Ali-a: I have no way of communicating with them

  • Marco Herrera
    Marco Herrera Il y a 4 ans

    Awesome vid today Ali! Keep up the good work!

  • ZafyLul
    ZafyLul Il y a 4 ans

    Dropped a like love how generous you are by giving us the Galaxy skin keep it up

  • Patrick
    Patrick Il y a an +10

    Alia:they can never release enough bear team leader skins.

  • vhs tape
    vhs tape Il y a 4 ans

    Ali is such a nice guy to be honest

  • Carson Marshall
    Carson Marshall Il y a 4 ans +1

    I love how ali wont show his level

  • Tmack
    Tmack Il y a 4 ans +41

    Video starts @