I found a HACKER in Fortnite: Battle Royale...!

  • Ajoutée 24 nov. 2017
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale - I think we found a HACKER! What do you think...?
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Commentaires • 43 788

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 4 ans +11

    What do YOU reckon - HACKER or NO hacker...? 🤔

  • Jeffrobro
    Jeffrobro Il y a an +3

    POV: you searched ali-a then looked at his most popular

  • Alexa Killby
    Alexa Killby Il y a 2 ans +502

    Ali-A in season 1/2: "I don't like Dusty Depot, it's not my go-to spot"

  • justbrdy
    justbrdy Il y a an +270


  • Christof 0812
    Christof 0812 Il y a an +144

    2017: He’s a hacker!!!

  • tyler brooks
    tyler brooks Il y a 2 ans +20

    These videos almost always puts a smile on my face

  • TheOneShot
    TheOneShot Il y a an +94

    He literally pressed square and didn’t know😂😂

  • iExile
    iExile Il y a 4 ans +222

    Has noone thought that he was just spamming square to reload and he accidentally clicked report?

  • Gabe The Great
    Gabe The Great Il y a 4 ans +26

    To find out if he's a hacker or not, you need to look at the footage from his point of view to see if the shot went through the mountain or if his scope was on you.

  • Vibe Shazzer
    Vibe Shazzer Il y a an +113

    The intro sounds so nostalgic and it reminds me of when people had fun playing Fortnite and they didn’t sweat. It still makes me sad to think about the old days 😢 😢 😢

  • Noah Rotenstreich
    Noah Rotenstreich Il y a an +14

    Ali-A: “We’re going for that #1 spot”

  • Teddy Manolis
    Teddy Manolis Il y a 4 ans +2

    You are so good at this game and your attitude is so positive keep up the good work

  • Person
    Person Il y a 2 ans +213

    Says he doesn't like dusty depot little did he know it will be gone forever

  • Phenomenal
    Phenomenal Il y a 4 ans +34

    This wasn't a hacker, he head shotted you with a bolt action which does 200+ damage. Then when you died you pressed square it opens the report menu and shows coding on the left. Not hacking, just a very lucky head shot.

  • UnspokenPain
    UnspokenPain Il y a 4 ans

    That wasn’t a hacker, the game used to have a self diagnosing feature and was probably having a bug issue at the time, but it showed the coordinates of the bullet and you, so it was telling you that it made a mistake and wanted you to submit a request

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Il y a 4 ans

    This is what happened with the weird text at the end:

  • boxyboo
    boxyboo Il y a an +18

    I find it funny that he called his brick ramps a sick base😂😂🤣🤣

  • Rilly Playz
    Rilly Playz Il y a 4 ans

    Next time you look at a replay, use drone free and watch that whole scenario again from a perspective where you can see yourself and those enemies.

  • Lisa M

    so basically, ali a was standing still so the guy snipes him, but he tried to reload with the button square, which is the same button to report someone. So when he died he accidentally pressed square.

  • Nathan Turnis
    Nathan Turnis Il y a 4 ans +460

    He wasn't hacking. The second he sniped you, you pressed square to reload your weapon, and square is to report someone when you are spectating. The text always pops up when you press square to report someone, it's so the developers can see the report log and the code that was happening at the time of your death. The bullet trail is something that happens in every game. The trail of the bullet and the actual bullet itself are 2 separate components, meaning the trail is just an effect that is somewhat random. This randomness only can be seen by the person being shot at, not when you are shooting at them. This is because of performance improvements I believe. The reason why he one shot you when you had full shields, is because a sniper can do over 220 damage on a headshot if its a good sniper.