WINNING using *ONLY* LEGENDARY guns in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

  • Ajoutée 4 mai 2018
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - Trying to WIN using ONLY legendary guns! :)
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Commentaires • 18 426

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 3 ans +668

    NEW Support-A-Creator code is now "AliA" 😄👍

  • PewPieMan
    PewPieMan  +10

    Love your videos Ali-A! Your challenges are fun definitely keep them up mate

  • Bilal Shams
    Bilal Shams Il y a 3 ans +296

    OG days when AliA used to do challenges

  • Leo Campion

    So much nostalgic I remember when I used to watch alia everyday

  • Voyd
    Voyd Il y a an +265

    Bro if they bring the old graphics back that would be the best update. (In my opinion)

  • ii_Justice
    ii_Justice Il y a 4 ans +10

    Great video! The challenge was really creative and well-thought of.. it was really daring to do this and I loved watching it till the end! :)

  • {FRG Dem0ns}

    I miss the old days so much

  • Vannyvanny
    Vannyvanny Il y a 4 ans +6

    I love how he makes it sound so hard to win with only legendary weapons

  • Riccardo Butler
    Riccardo Butler Il y a 4 ans +1

    Love how he decided on the challenge after he finds the minigun

  • JustBilly123
    JustBilly123 Il y a 4 ans

    i love these challenges, they are time consuming and thats what i need

  • Cutegirlygamer 123
    Cutegirlygamer 123 Il y a 4 ans

    U always pull of every challenge well done Ali 💙

  • Hayden Banfield
    Hayden Banfield Il y a 3 ans +95

    I reckon Ali a should do an only scoped weapons it will be dope😎👍🤟

  • Bonzi Buddy
    Bonzi Buddy Il y a 4 ans +33

    Challenge Idea:

  • Berna
    Berna Il y a 4 ans +4

    Challenge: First 5 items you find are the only ones you could use for the rest of the game. You could pick up meds and shields but only the same you picked up at first. You could use campfires traps and launch pads.

  • john douglas
    john douglas Il y a 4 ans

    Nice video Ali-A, keep up the good work also good luck for the dubs

  • Itsmebeastmode
    Itsmebeastmode Il y a 2 ans +69

    2020? I miss the heavy shotgun it was my favorite along with the old pump. Idk why epic vaulted half the weapons we loved hopefully they add em back as the chapter goes on

  • Điamond Vôid
    Điamond Vôid Il y a 4 ans

    Keep up the good work 👍👍👍

  • EkohKadez


  • Hazardouc RC
    Hazardouc RC Il y a 4 ans +8

    Wow he did the challenge I requested yay! Thanks Ali!!!

  • Brick King
    Brick King Il y a 4 ans

    I love that you do all these cool challenges Ali!!!