BLACK OPS 2 Nuketown 2025 Gameplay! 100+ kills Swarm! - Call of Duty: BO2 Multiplayer Online

  • Ajoutée 11 nov. 2012
  • Black Ops 2 NUKETOWN 2025 GAMEPLAY 100+ kills! :D
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    ● Black Ops 2 NUKETOWN Zombies gameplay:
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Nuketown 2025 multiplayer GAMEPLAY! Over 100 kills in one game! COD BO2 Nuketown 2025 is a DLC map available to those who pre-ordered Black Ops 2! Do you have the map? Do you like it?
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Commentaires • 12 657

  • Sicko Bash
    Sicko Bash Il y a 4 ans +643

    The good Alia before Fortnite came along👌🏻

  • Dhruv Pathak
    Dhruv Pathak Il y a 3 ans +3

    My first COD, bought this in 2013 and seriously this is the game that made me love the franchise. Hope BO4 can bring those same moments again

  • Macauley Smith
    Macauley Smith Il y a 3 ans +18

    “Swarm inbound, stealth chopper inbound” nostalgic goosebumps 😩🤙🏾

  • Jojoban69
    Jojoban69 Il y a 2 ans +231

    We got 5 more years until it's 2025!!

  • Gameaholics
    Gameaholics Il y a 7 ans +2

    I'm just starting to play this game again and realize how much I love the older CODs. They (for the most part) play better and there is just a better sense of accomplishment when you do good! I love my combat axe <3

  • Syed Jahanzaib
    Syed Jahanzaib Il y a 5 ans +112

    AM I the only one who thinks that this cod had the best sound effects

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield Il y a 6 ans +19

    Ahh yes this brings back memories... I miss those times when CoD was actually fun and didn't jetpacks or running on walls. :/

  • George
    George Il y a 9 ans +1

    Nuketown 2025 is really awesome! I love it when you play Multiplayer online, makes it more fun.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Il y a 9 ans +1

    If only I could have reaction time like that. Outstanding gameplay.

  • PapaSquigg
    PapaSquigg Il y a 5 ans

    God everything about this makes me miss 2012. This had the most fun campaign, multiplayer and zombies. I hadve some of the best memories from this game

  • XxLily_SkyexX
    XxLily_SkyexX Il y a 9 ans +1

    I love the big changes to the map and of course,the weapons.

  • Lunar Wolf
    Lunar Wolf Il y a 4 ans

    Only 1 minute in and this guy is already better than me. Bo2 needs more people playing online, it's still a great game

  • MrThirdParty
    MrThirdParty Il y a an +4

    When you realize 2025 is closer than the release date of BO2

  • PreLynMax
    PreLynMax Il y a 9 ans +1

    When I got to play in Nuketown 2025, I felt a bit of nostalgia and livid-- then scored 42-4.
    So much fun!

  • LukePlayzXbox
    LukePlayzXbox Il y a 9 ans +1

    I think the nuketown remake is sweet i always loved it in the 1st black ops, i was excited to see this.

  • TheGOAT1k
    TheGOAT1k Il y a 7 ans +1

    That satisfying feeling you get when you see hit markers and the +100

  • chucklesguitar
    chucklesguitar Il y a 8 ans

    Yeah, I was shocked as well. The funniest thing is that my sentry gun placement was horrible, so I only had 16 sentry kills, but having 90 gun kills gave me a lot of points. It was a really long round though, so that could have helped a lot. I didn't even get a ruthless either, only 5 merciless medals.

  • Anthony Bou Raad
    Anthony Bou Raad Il y a 5 ans

    i will never get tired of this beautiful game

  • sanandreasX
    sanandreasX Il y a 2 ans +25

    Dude i remember being in middle school. And id always look up Ali-A video's for BO2 information not being able to wait to go home and play.

  • Kreator EOG2
    Kreator EOG2 Il y a 9 ans

    To be honest i was not going to buy bo2 but ally friends told me it was good. I didn't expect the game to be this good, as a matter of fact is a great game. Still my fav is cod4. The reason that im enjoying this game so much is because of the scorestreaks. Too me it has a touch of timesplitters, which is a good thing for me. Im impressed with this game!