The END of Fortnite! (MUST SEE)

  • Ajoutée 15 sept. 2022
  • Fortnite Season 4 info! This is an ad for adidas.
    The Rick and Morty inspired @adidas X Speedportal 200 Level Deathrun is playable on FNC now (Map code: 2204-4154-7419)! Make sure you jump in to find out what’s in the VIP room! 👀
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Commentaires • 1 149

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 14 jours +241

    Season 4 is SO close!

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez Il y a 14 jours +112

    It’s nice to see how the comment section appreciate Ali-A for his content now. While I don’t watch him anymore, I watched him a ton around COD MW3. Ohh how times have changed

  • Chicken Nugget Soup
    Chicken Nugget Soup Il y a 14 jours +15

    So Spongebob was right. He warned us that everything was gonna be chrome, but we didn't listen. And now, we have to pay the price

    SBGAMING Il y a 14 jours

    Hyped for the next season thanks for the update 👍🏽🔥

  • Mobian BF
    Mobian BF Il y a 14 jours +6

    The hand coming out of the chrome goo is not specified for platforms. It is just random every time you either load into the game, or go into a match and then finish that match.

  • Kolby Editz
    Kolby Editz Il y a 14 jours +10

    Im so happy that Ali a is helping us understand the new season

  • ThatBlueDoggo
    ThatBlueDoggo Il y a 14 jours +38

    how normal people pronounce Adidas: Uh-dee-dus

  • Chloe Watson
    Chloe Watson Il y a 14 jours +1

    Wait are we getting a live event to end the season or not? I’m so confused.

  • TopJagamer
    TopJagamer Il y a 14 jours

    It actually doesn’t matter what console you are on you will always see every hand coming out of the chrome and it changes every once and a while

  • unknown master
    unknown master Il y a 14 jours +1

    Grimey is a cool skin, HOWEVER its apparently reactive which is true but I think the reactive system is broken, it wasn't when he was released in season 6 ch2, either way I still use him

  • soulseeker aka sandy wolf

    Congrats on Adidas backing you👍 Way to go!

  • Martin Molina
    Martin Molina Il y a 14 jours

    Used to watch your old COD videos from MW3. I was in High School, now I'm 26. Been subscribed ever since, you've come a long way. Cheers m8! 🎉

  • The Animated Emmett Show
    The Animated Emmett Show Il y a 14 jours +7


  • AstroBot
    AstroBot Il y a 14 jours +1

    I feel like midas will come back in the next season to help us fight against the chrome

  • Sam Featherstone
    Sam Featherstone Il y a 14 jours +1

    anyway keep it up ali I use your code your helping me get through my strained foot thanks

  • Adam JR
    Adam JR Il y a 14 jours

    I think they will flip the map again because it will be the only way to stop chrome and they will find the cube queen

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill Il y a 14 jours

    I feel like because desdemona hasn’t been in the item shop yet, she is going to be a battle pass skin because she does fit with the dark theme.

  • L F
    L F Il y a 14 jours +1

    probaly a stretch but what if the chrome is actually chaos agents body and he might have jumped into the zero point and the parts of his body are building together for his final revenge and the reality tree is actually help us and the zero point put it there to help warn us of the chrome and chaos agent sowith jones the only one left he gets people like gwen stacy and miles and other collabs but might be a stretch

  • Epic Week
    Epic Week Il y a 14 jours +9

    im super hyped for the next season!!

  • Alf Mellow
    Alf Mellow Il y a 14 jours +22

    Hey Ali-A love your vids they get me through the day 😊😊