Ali-A REACTS to his FIRST EVER Fortnite game! (FUNNY)

  • Ajoutée 16 févr. 2018
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - Today I look back at my FIRST Fortnite game...!
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Commentaires • 44 300

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 4 ans +6


  • Asid
    Asid Il y a 4 ans +3

    Don’t you hate when you’re dealing with someone in solo and somebody else comes up behind you

  • Wallbanger 08
    Wallbanger 08 Il y a 2 ans +15

    First time I played I thought I was driving the battle bus🤣

  • Glyph TW
    Glyph TW Il y a 2 ans +48

    Can we just pay respect to that Semi-Auto Shotgun.

  • Syphicc_Scorpian FN
    Syphicc_Scorpian FN Il y a 2 ans +164

    When I first started I thought staying inside a building will save me from the storm

  • Life of the cats_99
    Life of the cats_99 Il y a 2 ans +26

    When I first started playing I didn’t know what the storm was, and my sister and I were confused why we were taking damage 😂

  • Choppsy
    Choppsy Il y a 2 ans +20

    When I first started I thought it was impossible to survive because I didn’t know there was a storm eye😂🤣

  • David Williams
    David Williams Il y a 4 ans +64

    This video made me feel so much better about myself

  • kanchi tamu
    kanchi tamu Il y a 2 ans +46

    In my first game, instead of consuming the mushroom, i tried to break it

  • Chrovo
    Chrovo Il y a 4 ans +22

    My biggest noob moment was when the impulse grenades first came out I thought you wouldn’t take fall damage... I was wrong

  • Peyton_ Marie
    Peyton_ Marie Il y a 2 ans +76

    Ali A : “Shot by an epic weapon, you can tell because it’s orange” 😆

  • knowledge warehouse
    knowledge warehouse Il y a 3 ans +25

    Back in season 5 when I first started playing I thought blue guns are stronger than purple guns so I used to pick up blue burst AR over purple scar

  • 1Shot! Zr

    great vid i laughed the whole time

  • Paris T
    Paris T Il y a 4 ans +141

    The most annoying things are when you go to shoot someone first but they kill you right away and when you get someone down to like 3 hit points and they kill you

  • DASH -G
    DASH -G Il y a 3 ans +120

    First time I played i legit spent 5 minutes shooting my teammates 😂

  • Abby Boyd
    Abby Boyd Il y a 4 ans +2

    I thought that literally the point of the game was to break stuff, and that you had to build a shelter to protect yourself from the storm. I also thought that you’re supposed to stay away from every person. I didn’t even pick up guns. I was that bad😂

  • Lynette Heaps
    Lynette Heaps Il y a 2 ans +69

    When I first started I ran into the storm and thought it gave me shield 🙈🙈

  • Ryder Collins
    Ryder Collins Il y a 3 ans +20

    My most no on moment is when I got high ground on the last guy and thought I could jump on top of a tree and fell to my death

  • christopher panagopoulos

    when I first played i got so excited finding all the guns and pick up every gun I found and ultimately killed by the storm.

  • Ethan Ashton
    Ethan Ashton Il y a 4 ans +19

    My first time playing I shot a scarecrow five times with a tactical shotgun thinking it was a person