"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 GAMEPLAY" - Extended Footage Mission 1 - COD BO2 Official E3 2012 HD

  • Ajoutée 4 juin 2012
  • Full "Call of Duty: BLACK OPS 2 GAMEPLAY"! Enjoy! :D
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Commentaires • 48 296

    BOMBING OMEN Il y a 3 ans +3

    Call of Duty videos are still Ali A’s most viewed.

  • ShaneStanley109

    9 years later and Black ops 2 is one of the best cods ever

  • Ace Combat Quotes
    Ace Combat Quotes Il y a 6 ans +15

    This was hands down one of the best campaign missions in Call Of Duty history. This was such an intense mission, I always played this one.

  • MemerManStan
    MemerManStan Il y a an +1

    Most people are saying "old ali-a", but I'm just thinking about that intro

  • drewp031
    drewp031 Il y a 6 ans +841

    When cod in the future was actually cool

  • Reza Lika
    Reza Lika Il y a an +405

    2012 : I'm a Kid, He's Adult.

  • Bakr Hashem
    Bakr Hashem Il y a 4 ans +120

    5 years later still best cod

  • G.E. Pierce Sr.
    G.E. Pierce Sr. Il y a 9 ans +38

    This is amazing, the content, the graphic improvements and the over all code and build has a very smooth feel to it. the multi-player portion of the game is very intense. The updates to the mp maps is very noticeable. all in all a very moving experience.

  • Bruce_Wayne
    Bruce_Wayne Il y a 6 ans +257

    wow I'm so excited for bo2 it looks so good

  • Redfreestylerock
    Redfreestylerock Il y a 2 ans +679

    Ah yes, back when Ali a didn’t act like he was taking stimulants

  • OfficialCasper
    OfficialCasper Il y a 6 ans +372

    Still more exciting than infinite warfare after 3 years off being out 👍🏻

  • DiegoDoodle
    DiegoDoodle Il y a 3 ans +935

    2012: hello! Guys my name is ali a and welcome back to black ops 2!

  • Zezonica
    Zezonica Il y a 8 ans +71

    Oh man. The good times. I was so excited for this game. Watching these videos were the best :)

  • Juuzoa Suzuya
    Juuzoa Suzuya Il y a 3 ans +3

    We need this brilliant game to be remembered

  • sanandreasX
    sanandreasX Il y a 2 ans +49

    This is my all-time favorite COD...now Modern Warfare is dropping tomorrow, crazy how time flies.

  • Michael Marino
    Michael Marino Il y a 2 ans +616

    Anyone watching in 2020 because it randomly appeared on their recommended

  • Srinivas Ramanujam
    Srinivas Ramanujam Il y a 8 ans +1

    love it. all the versions of the black ops are simply awesome.

  • Ulises Salado
    Ulises Salado Il y a an +1


  • GregoryPeck
    GregoryPeck Il y a 6 ans +105

    when cod was good

  • Brody Smith
    Brody Smith Il y a 4 ans

    Wow this game looks great! Can’t wait for it to come out!