I made the Ali-A Meme Intro in Fortnite...

  • Ajoutée 16 févr. 2019
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - Making the Ali-A intro song!
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Commentaires • 17 883

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Il y a 3 ans +9

    Wow - I wasn’t sure if you would enjoy this video but you’ve shown it LOADS of support! 💙

  • frChristian
    frChristian Il y a 3 ans +3

    Wow! A FRclipr who doesn’t care that they’re a meme!

  • Anthony Mora
    Anthony Mora Il y a 2 ans +677


  • Guillen
    Guillen Il y a 3 ans +589

    We don’t want you to remake it we just want you to make it your intro again

  • Bekim Kadiu
    Bekim Kadiu Il y a an +15

    He's just made the meme even funnier

  • James Fish
    James Fish Il y a 3 ans +4

    I love the way he accepts the meme and makes a great video out of it. So many FRcliprs are inclined to react in a toxic way to others making fun out of them, but Ali just makes the most of it. What a legend

  • NoobPyxl
    NoobPyxl Il y a 2 ans +2

    Lets be honest. The ali-a meme intro is fire

  • SiByR Japan
    SiByR Japan Il y a 3 ans +720


  • kaden ali
    kaden ali Il y a 3 ans +8

    I really appreciate the fact that even though people made fun of you for this, you stayed strong and made it something fun! Mad respect for you bro.

  • Walt Earland
    Walt Earland Il y a 3 ans +767

    At least he can take a joke he is a good man respect Ali a ✊

  • Hammi Man
    Hammi Man Il y a 2 ans +72

    I actually though he brought back the intro when he played it in the beginning!

  • Jack
    Jack Il y a 3 ans +91

    Well done for embracing this Ali 👍

  • Kinshuk Singh
    Kinshuk Singh Il y a 3 ans +79

    This guy knows how to take a joke and is a bloody legend. Major props brother

  • Taku
    Taku Il y a 3 ans +1

    Hey man, huge respect, loads of people who get ‘memed’ will completely stray away from that but you are one of the nicest people I know and take it in a way better way than others

  • Andre PlaysZ
    Andre PlaysZ Il y a 3 ans +236

    I love how Ali a respects the meme I mean he’s not even mad he’s chill with it

  • Raushina Ali
    Raushina Ali Il y a 2 ans +1

    You did a very great job i love it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emster
    Emster Il y a 3 ans

    Damn Ali respect, honestly mate. I really look up to just because of this one video, because people have made memes and hates on u but u just look past and stay positive and play along. This just goes to show that u are a strong man that doesn’t quit what he enjoys because of other people 💖

  • Pro gamer

    With the few notes that should be the perfect intro of all time!😁

  • theletterk
    theletterk Il y a 3 ans +1