"IT BEGINS!" - BURIED Zombies w/ Ali-A #1 - (Black Ops 2 Zombies Gameplay)

  • Ajoutée 5 juil. 2013
  • Buried Zombies with me, Ali-A! Hope you enjoy! :D
    ● Watch PART #2 - frclip.com/video/zsSjfSfCyYE/vidéo.html
    ► GHOSTS Multiplayer GAMEPLAY - bit.ly/14NHAZh
    Watch me, Ali-A, play the Black Ops 2 Zombies map "BURIED" with facecam! Enjoy! :D
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Commentaires • 18 318

  • jjustyyn _
    jjustyyn _ Il y a 3 ans +1

    I’m here after the whole drama with BO4 Zombies. No one else is gonna see this, but these were the good days, some of the best times in Zombies.

  • PigToots
    PigToots  +67

    Miss these days, times where simpler

  • Rhony Argueta
    Rhony Argueta Il y a 2 ans +468

    I really came back here just so I can forget about all the bad stuff I want to go back to such a simple time where we were all kids and didn’t have to deal with anything

  • Jonathan Doe
    Jonathan Doe Il y a an +144

    I really loved how passionate his old videos were , he really cared about what his audience and actually enjoyed making videos instead of just making a quick cash grab.

  • Michal Nowak
    Michal Nowak Il y a 2 ans +38

    the buried series was one of his best, i remember watching every episode in 2013, so much nostalgia

  • Rickie Wardrobe
    Rickie Wardrobe Il y a 2 ans +870

    Back when his audience wasn’t all fortnite freaks

  • Soue
    Soue Il y a 4 ans +677

    Ali-a’s intro 5 years ago is very unexpected.

  • Gunman3001
    Gunman3001 Il y a 3 ans +25

    Seeing this video actually makes me really depressed. I remember watching this when I was 13 y/o back when life was simple. I know Ali-A turned into a cringelord but I’m genuinely happy for him that he’s so big now compared to the old days. Make these days count boys because everyday will be another day you will look back on. And you never know when it will be your last.

  • Charles Green
    Charles Green Il y a 6 ans +1

    Guys. I don't know what it is but I come back and watch this series every summer. Black ops 2 buried is my favourite zombies map ever so many memories with my friends and brothers!

  • Luke Padgett
    Luke Padgett Il y a an +5

    These were the best zombie days nothing will ever top BO2 zombies 😓

  • Chance Shoemaker
    Chance Shoemaker Il y a 5 ans +23

    Man, all the memories of playing black ops 2 and watching some ali a

    B3AXTLY Il y a an +6

    These videos were honestly the best ones he made throughout his career

  • Amazinnq YT
    Amazinnq YT Il y a 6 ans +4

    Lol 3 years later and still coming back to this vid. The old Ali A lives in our hearts😂

  • Cptkiller2010
    Cptkiller2010 Il y a 5 ans +1

    Damn, I remember this map release, it was epic. During the summer, nothing to do but watch ngt search for the Easter egg for 24+hrs. Shame ngt doesn't do that anymore :/

  • Undercover231 Skip
    Undercover231 Skip Il y a 3 ans +4

    Honestly this is many years old but it is one of the best maps and games. Ahh the time of FRclip before most people clickbaited

  • Potato Black
    Potato Black Il y a 2 ans +17

    I remember watching all of these walkthrough things of Ali’a he was so much better when he did all cod videos and did the walkthroughs of campaign and all the zombies maps and doing challenges on multiplayer

  • Rawdiinero
    Rawdiinero Il y a 5 ans +48

    I miss this old Ali when he looked like he cared about how good the content was

  • Kaneki_Ken
    Kaneki_Ken Il y a an +21


  • Sweg _Master
    Sweg _Master Il y a 4 ans +12

    The good times. Who else misses bo2?

  • Moatka
    Moatka Il y a 4 ans +1

    this is acc still my fav ali a video just love this buried vibe.